Glen Wheeler - Web Developer, Newcastle upon Tyne

Hi, I'm Glen and I'm front-end developer, designer and consultant working on the beautiful quayside of Newcastle upon Tyne. Over the last 5 years I worked with and for clients such as Durham University, Newcastle University, Victoria Pendleton, Manchester United FC, and Ex UFC star Chris "The Hammer" Haseman.

What means so much

I'm blessed to be working in such an amazing industry. I feel so lucky to do what I do every single day. The fact I get to wake up not having to go in to work, but instead I can leave the house to do my hobby with a bunch of like minded people. I have worked alongside and become friends with some of the most talented, creative, technical, amazing people I have ever met.. // Continue Reading

A bag of stuff

So, "man bags" have been popular for a while. Although some of my mates think it's a bit odd to carry around a "bag of stuff" all the time, I do have my reasons.. // Continue Reading

Get answers with creative questioning

Yesterday I put out a work tender for a new personal project of mine. After running my own business for the last 14 months this was the first time I had ever put out a work tender for someone to work on one of my own projects. Without reaveling the project (as its still in planning), what I required was someone who was really creative and could think different. So, how did I choose the right person?. // Continue Reading

Work hard, get paid. It's that simple

It has been just over a year since I decided to leave my job and go self-employed as a web developer. Over the last year I have certainly developed new skills, I have met so many new business men and women and have gained a few new clients along the way. I'm really happy with where I am, but there is one thing I'm not happy with, and one thing a lot of people do not like talking about.. // Continue Reading

New Perspectives on Web Design

As the web rapidly moves forward every single day, it is important we keep a real focus on the design process. The decisions we make and looking at our projects from the bigger picture is essential. Over the last few weeks I have travelled to a number of different area's in Europe and have taken a little friend with me. // Continue Reading

Apple's Unaired Super Bowl Viral Advert

It took 15 team's of people and 5 different continents for Apple to record the following video advert that was shot entirely from one of Apple's favourite, most loved products. The iPhone. Over 70 hours of footage was recorded in a single day to produce this beautiful piece. That was cut, mixed and combined together for what was meant to be a viral advert for the super bowl.. // Continue Reading

Out on the streets, Singapore

The Singapore Grand Prix has always had a place in my heart. I’ve had a buzz about the small island and its backdrop from a young age. As a huge Formula One fan, having a race announced on the streets of Singapore back in 2007 nearly made my head pop, imagining the scenes. The first night race ever on the Formula One calendar and whilst it remained on the calendar, I for sure was not going to miss out.. // Continue Reading

Choose Your Own Clients

Working life is pretty tough for everyone. Nothing gets easier, nothing gets cheaper and finding well paid work is extremely difficult. A saturated industry where every man (or woman) and their dog owns a 'Web Design' or 'Web Development' company. I mean, come on, that alone is one of the major problems for us all as freelancers. // Continue Reading