VPS Reseller in Star Wars type font

Cyber Host Pro - VPS Reseller Mailer

This was a nice creative job given to me by my now full time client Cyber Host Pro. The guys at the company had plans to send out an official mailer to promote their brand new VPS Reseller hosting services. The deadline was extremely tight as the idea of sending it out .


My only specification was that the mailer would be released on May the 4th 2015. I was given the content to work with but had to come up with an idea for design and put it together for all major email clients such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and Mac Mail.

After thinking of an idea for an hour or so, I then thought up a really cheesy option, which could actually have potential to sell really well from a marketing point of view. Star Wars! "May The 4th (Force) be with you".


After thinking of the idea and getting it confirmed by the client I started designing the basic layout of the mailer in Photoshop. I threw together some assets including old style fonts, Star Wars style typography along with a starred dark background and also drew out a Yoda style shape to use as an eye catcher for the call to action button.

Further down the mailer I then designed some old looking computer style text for the content, I then attached the content screen shots and finished off the foot of the mailer with a faded graphic of Darth Vader.

People Involved

  • Glen Wheeler & Chris Danks

Country of Origin

  • Liverpool, UK

What We Did

  • Design & Development


  • Photoshop, Skype
  • HTML, Inline CSS, Litmus, Mailchimp, Yahoo, Outlook, Mac Mail, Gmail, Hotmail

Project Duration

  • 7 Days


As with any HTML mailer it is important to keep everything compatible with all major email clients. This is very easy to achieve by keeping the code simple and inline. Unlike website pages, where CSS is defined in a separate style, we must keep it all inline with our HTML document as email clients do not read external files other than images.

It is also strictly important to follow rules such as not using background images, keeping call to actions high, repeating call to actions, limiting the mailer to 600px wide, considering the "F" pattern and so on.


The results of the email campaign were great! With a 92.4% open rate Cyber Host Pro managed to make several sales from the HTML mailer which seemed to have some great interaction once it went out to the Web Hosting Talk Forum Users, Twitter Followers and other Social Media. The return on the campaign was very successful and I look forward to building more campaigns for the company.

The VPS Reseller Star Wars Mail Visual as Described in the project brief
A shot of the Star Wars VPS Reseller Mailer for Cyber Host Pro.

You can find a full coded version of the HTML mailer by clicking on the following link. Star Wars HTML Mailer