Doctors with red noses and children on a running track

The Children's Foundation

The Children's Foundation is a great charity based in Newcastle upon Tyne. The charity is there to help disadvantaged, distressed and disabled children in the North East. Having a new website to help support this was something I really want to get involved in, the whole site you see at The Children's Foundation was done complete free of charge as a support of the charity.


The girls from The Children's Foundation had got in touch with me about a redesign of their website after having some involvement with their previous website. A meeting was held before any progress was made on the website, this gave us the opportunity to discuss layout, design styles, page elements and colour schemes. The girls also gave me a few links to websites they liked the look of.


The first approach to this website was to design some sketch mock-ups of layouts. These were past to the client to sign off. I then moved the design phase directly into Photoshop to enhance the hand sketch designs. Again these were put in front of the client for sign off. You can see some of the designs at the end of this project post.

Once the designs were complete I then moved onto to mocking up the static layouts in HTML and CSS. All layouts where then progressively enhanced from static, to HTML to fully developed pages.

People Involved

  • Glen Wheeler & The Children's Foundation

Country of Origin

  • Newcastle, UK

What We Did

  • Consultancy, Design & Development


  • Pen, Paper, Pencil, Photoshop
  • CSS, HTML, Wordpress, JS, PHP

Project Duration

  • 30 Days


This website was built on a Wordpress content management system with custom field integration for ease of you for the website administrator. All content added to the website then generates and outputs onto the page automatically in a specific format which is managed by the HTML mark-up and assigned Sass styles.


Final homepage layout for The Children's Foundation

A shot of The Children's Foundation homepage
The Children's Foundation Website homepage final design and layout
A screenshot showing The Children's Foundation staff page
A layout produced for the Children's Foundation staff page.